Food safety training and online exam

Food safety training and online exam

Thank you for ordering food safety training and exam with us.

Please find enclosed training handbook in English. Once you have completed learning the handbook. You can take the exam by post or online

Food safety training exam in English

Please following the instructions below to taken the online exam with us.

•        Click the link below on your mobile phone or computer and enter password.
Enter password: CBS2024

•        Fill in the customer number, your customer number is on the cover letter we sent it to you.– postal code, first name, surname, mobile phone number, email and position.

•        There are 30 multiple-choice questions, with only one correct answer.

•        Exam rules:
Manager or owner needs to invigilator the exam and follow invigilation rules. The learner should complete the exam independently without making reference to books and get help from others.

•        Exam result
After completing the questions, the system will automatically notice you that whether you have passed the exam or not. Please send us a message on WeChat to say that you have completed the Online exam.
Failed exam. Please revise and come back to take exam again.

•        Exam Certificate:
We will send you a certificate by post within 10 working days after you have passed your exam.

If you have any questions, please call us on 02089878988 and press 5 to speak to us in English and press 1 if you want to speak to us in Chinese.

Kind Regards
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